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About Us

“We think two of the best beaches in the world are Mayflower Beach and Chapin Beach in Dennis” say the Gingras family, owners of Ocean Vista on the Beach on Mandigo Road on the north side of Dennis. “Our beach is a private 800 foot beach situated between Chapin and Mayflower Beaches.”

This north side beach is a bit unusual in that the water, usually thought to be colder than the south side of the Cape, is actually warmer due to the warming effect of the sun on the tidal flats. The hot sun on the sand warms the water as the tide comes in.

Ocean Vista is a family oriented complex of 14 units located right on the beach with each unit having and ocean view to the west so you can watch the famous Cape Cod sunsets from your deck.

“When you step off your deck, you’re in the sand, seconds from the ocean.”

“We are constantly upgrading and remodeling here at Ocean Vista so you are assured that your stay will be comfortable. We think we now have the best appearing resort property on Cape Cod Bay.”

“We are centrally located on the Cape, we have a beautiful sandy beach with gorgeous sunsets. There is always a fresh breeze right off the water. There are fewer crowds and less traffic congestion on the north side of the Cape versus the south side which is much more commercial, however you can walk to two great restaurants from Ocean Vista. Each town or village on Cape Cod has its historic area on the north side thus limiting development and protecting the pristine beaches and marshlands.”

“Ocean Vista on the Beach is family owned and operated and we are small enough that we know 90% of our guests on a first name basis and most of the kids. We have a repeat rate of more than 80%. People just love it here”.

We look forward to your visit with us in the near future.

Your hosts,
The Gingras Family